Refugees Welcomed

Συλλογικές Δράσεις Κοινωνικής Αλληλεγγύης 18 ΑΝΩ

Μάιος 21st, 2017


In our days, we experience the greatest population migration, after World War II. In Greece we receive great numbers of refugees
We welcome you, here in our country, as we have been children of an older generation of refugees. We know that you carry with you terrible experiences of destruction, violence and war.
You have managed to escape bomb attacks, diseases, to cross the seas, which pulled so many in the depth of the waters, to persevere all hardships and to be here with us.
You have a lot to teach us about your courage and your strength. We will like you to feel welcomed to our country, to our homes and to our hearts.
Borders are carvings on the body of our planet and our goal is to heal the wounds on your bodies and souls.
Together we fight against war, exploitation and the humiliation of the human being from another human being. We fight for a better, truly humane society.

The Group of Collective Action and Social Solidarity 18ANO